This journal is for the theatre/performance artist, general reader, and scholar alike. The focus is on the artistic process within contemporary theatre and its manifestation through performance; on how theatre is evolving today and might in the near future.


There are few avenues for international theatre artists to discuss their work in depth and to share their visions and concerns.  We seek articles, interviews, and essays that focus on the process of creation and on the myriad of forms and styles that theatre makers engage in as we enter the 21st century. From collaborative creations to non-traditional performance venues, from the integration of media to diverse acting approaches, we are interested in helping to redefine a theatre for our times and for the future: Where is theatre going? What is the future audience seeking? How can this be supported?

The content should seek to confront contemporary performance issues through language that is smart and accessible. Though we recognize the importance of theory and scholarship, this journal seeks to make such content available in layman’s terms. Essential debates are welcome. And images and videos are encouraged.


We are eager to engage with theatre/performance artists from all parts of the world and hope to devote certain issues to specific regions and topics.  The journal will be exclusively a website and available via desktop and mobile devices.  signals is based in New York City and is a collaboration of the Performance and Interactive Media Program (PIMA), the Theater Department at Brooklyn College of the City College of New York (CUNY), and the UNDER THE RADAR festival, producing new theatre at the Public Theater, NYC.


signals will be updated as interviews and articles emerge.

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